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Childcare Program

The Child Care Program for the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe is designed as a voucher program to assist income-eligible Native American families meet their needs for affordable and quality child care. Eligible families will receive a percentage of their child care paid by this program using a sliding fee scale based on income and family size once the family’s percentage is paid to their provider.

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Childcare Program

The FSST TCCP is a federally funded tribal program from the Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) devoted to assisting native families with low incomes who are working or participating in education and training by helping them pay for child care and improving the quality of child care for all children.

Subsidized child care is available to any child who can provide proof of tribal enrollment in any federally recognized tribe of  at least one maternal or paternal biological grandparent.

FSST Tribal Members general welfare payments are not calculated with gross monthly income for the applicant household.

Anyone who wants to provide child care service for the childcare program must reside on tribal land to apply for a relative child care provider or be a SD State registered child care provider if the residence/business is on state land. All additional rules and regulations are in the Provider Application/Handbook.

The CCDF child care program is often described as comprising three broad and overlapping areas of services:

  • Child Care Financial Assistance (Subsidy)
  • Health & Safety
  • Quality Improvement Items
Current Provider Listing

  • Babies n Tots, Britany Frias 605-366-5468, State Licensed Family Group

  • New Beginnings, Trish Kills A-Hundred 605-864-0256, State Licensed Family Group

All partnered SD state childcare providers are located within Flandreau